The mission of Passage at Arms is to offer an opportunity to experience and live an authentic medieval life for a few days. With a competitive tournament and deed of arms as its centerpiece, Passage at Arms is a full-immersion medieval event where history buffs, reenactors, Western martial artists, equestrians, historians and craftsmen do their best to recreate life in a late 14th to early 15th century European village.

When and where: Passage at Arms will take place in the USA, offering a truly unique experience otherwise available only in Europe. The event is in its preparation phase, so please check back often and feel free to participate in our forum to help make it happen.

What Passage at Arms is: Passage at Arms brings together serious enthusiasts about late-medieval Europe to share their passion, form friendships and learn from one-another. It takes place on a rented ground in a bucolic setting, tastefully away from modern life. For the duration of the event (circa 4 days), only well-researched, period-appropriate clothing, structures and wares will be visible in the main event area, while the modern conveniences will be available on a separate, adjacent ground.

What Passage at Arms is not: Passage at Arms is not a staged or theatrical event, although actors and live-action role play practitioners are of course more than welcome. It is also not a ren-fest or a fantasy event about the middle ages, since its mission fosters a high level of period authenticity. Lastly, it is not a mash-up of different time periods, since it strives to concentrate on the years between the 14th and the 15th centuries.

Who is Passage at Arms for? 

  •         Western martial artists and equestrians – With a competitive jousting tournament and deed of arms as its centerpiece (and giving the event its name), Passage at Arms gives Western martial artists the opportunity to participate in an authentically-researched feat of arms. In addition to the period-correct pageantry, weaponry and armor, Western martial artists will have the chance to interact with renowned teachers, jousters, armorers, historians, researchers and weapon makers.
  •         Craftsmen – If you are a craftsman of medieval wares, this event offers you the ability to display and sell your product in a period setting, to teach your craft to others and to interact with like-minded artisans.
  •         History buffs – If you have a passion for the middle ages, Passage at Arms is your opportunity to live the life in a full-immersion medieval setting–plus attend the main events and visit all the vendors and craftsmen. You will be surrounded by “kindred spirit” enthusiasts who will be delighted to share their knowledge with you–so everyone can have a mutually-beneficial experience in a spirit of fun, passion and camaraderie.
  •         Historians and researchers – What sets many of today’s historians apart is the desire to feel and experience the object of their research, rather than merely admiring it from behind the glass-wall of time. One of the centerpieces of Passage at Arms’ mission is to provide this very type of experience to serious academics who want to “taste” life as it would have been without the carnival atmosphere of more generic events.

This website was created to act as a focal point to promote our mission and vision.

The participation of the United States in the Battle of Nations in eastern Europe, the successful staging of several Deeds at Arms within the HEMA community, and the resurgence of jousting and large mounted melees, has created a desire to have an event where  several groups can come together and have a medieval experience such as has been unavailable to many of us in the US.

In order to achieve this goal, this site was created to host discussions, disseminate information, and finally to plan this  event.  The forums and articles will allow different groups to interact and learn from one another in the hopes of organizing something truly inspiring.